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There’s been a proper string of musical deaths over the last few weeks, starting with Adam Yauch, aka the Beastie Boys‘ MCA, who finally lost his battle a fortnight ago, aged just 47.  Yauch was diagnosed with cancer in a … Continue reading

2011 Killers

25 December 2011

Here’s a Hobbesian Top 50 for the year (of sorts), downloadable in three parts here, here and here, to help get your party started this festive season.  I’m not really a massive fan of charts but did quite enjoy reflecting on some of my … Continue reading

Fresh from those dedicated souls at stalwart London label BBE, the new album from New York native Git (pronounced ‘jit’, after the original name for ‘b-boy’) is well worth investigating, especially for this nugget of a track, which has just emerged as … Continue reading