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2012 Killers: Part III

10 March 2013

This is the final instalment of my marathon mix of stand-out tracks from 2012 (or thereabouts; it features a few 2011 releases which i missed in my 2011 Festive Top 50).  It starts at 140 bpm, staying there for a … Continue reading

It’s amazing what a good holiday, a bit of sunshine and some decent R&R can do for your head living on this miserable island of ours. After a fortnight away, I enjoyed creating this set 100% at NeW IDoLs a … Continue reading

Joyce, Keep The Lights On

27 February 2012

Can’t get enough of this cover of Wave Machines‘ mini-smash by new British pop chanteuse Joyce, who is apparently so fresh off the starting blocks, she doesn’t even have a web presence at the time of writing this…   And yet, … Continue reading