Autumn Blues is another Various Artists compilation (the fourth/final instalment of the Trouble Remixes series), featuring re-rubs of a selection of the label’s favourite up-and-coming acts from across Scotland by up-and-coming and more established production talents.



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Selected DJ Feedback
‘Marco’s mix on this one is the standout for me’ (The Revenge, GLAS/Worldwide)
‘My favourite is Marco Bernardi. The Mick Wills one is decent too. Both expertly produced! Only Human has some nice elements’ (Auntie Flo, GLAS/LDN/Worldwide)
‘A bit like taking your favourite new wave ghost on a walk to Vienna. Bernardi takes it to Munich instead. Lovely’ (Neil Landstrumm, EDIN/Worldwide)
‘Really like Marco’s mix, stand out for me’ (Domenic CapelloSub Club, GLAS/Worldwide)
‘Really nice!’ – Pumajaw/Dimitri Veimar (Sovnger, FR/Worldwide)
‘The Veimar, Wills and Bernardi remixes are all really great’ (Nacho Lovers, Toronto/Canada)
‘Dimitri can do no wrong at the moment, another belter!’ (Matt Walsh – Clouded Vision, UK/Europe)
‘I dig the Bernardi remix, will play for sure’ (Max Ulis, Vancouver/Canada)
‘Wow fav Marco Bernardi on it!!! Also love the Mick Wills remix. Big up’ (dMIT.RY – Neo Violence, Prague/Europe)
‘Marco Bernardi remix is my track here! Thanks for the good stuff’ (Kosmos – Tracy Recordings/Nitsa, Barcelona)
‘I am really feeling the Numbers Are Futile tracks (original and remix)’ (Cedric Woo – Beauty & The Beat, LDN/JP)
‘Love the remixes on the flip. Two solid tracks. Nice varied EP as ever’ (Bobby Cleaver – Numbers, Scotland/UK)
‘Loving the Leonidas & Hobbes mix! Great remix. Nice EP.’ (Mash, Glasgow, UK)
‘I LOVE the Leonidas & Hobbes mixes :o)’ (Ben Osborne – Slipped Disco/Noise of Art, LDN)
‘Mick Wills remix is the one for me. Love the retro disco feel!’ (Geoff Ticehurst – The Plug, Sheffield, Leeds Uni)
‘A fantastic range of sonic weaponary here :)’ (DEMI, UK/Europe)
‘Only Human: Wonderfully atmospheric backing that builds around a heart wrenching vocal… quite beautiful’ (Andrew Pirie – Melting Pot, GLAS/Scotland)
‘A2: I love the EBM/Nu Beaty sounds on this, and the way it kinda chugs along with that sleazy mid-tempo swagger. B1: The track of the EP for me. Only Human (instrumental): I like this, would fit in the void that all the weird odd b-side dubstep tunes left after it went out of fashion’ (Giles Walker – Various/Aberdeen)
‘A1 is WOW! A2: Really like what he’s done. B1: Perfect dance-floor fodder! B2: Menacing basement vibes here. SMOKE MACHINE!!! A cracker to round off a really polished release! This one’s my fav!’ (Kris Walker – Wasabi Disco, EDIN/Scotland)
‘Marco Bernardi – Nice tight groove’ (David Elders, Solar Radio/Cabaret Voltaire, EDIN)
‘I think this is perhaps my favourite release so far! Highlights are: Marco Bernardi remix of Monster. Deep, evocative techno / electronica. The original mix of Monster. Haunting and weirdly wonderful. Kind of like Kate Bush on acid!!! Leonidas & Hobbes Instrumental mix of Only Human. The vocal is too weird in the other mix, but the instrumental works! Overall a great EP… a great slab of electronica taking in a variety of styles and influences on it’s journey’ (Felix – 10 Kilo, LDN)

‘Nice and moody, I just love what Dimitri Veimar has made with that
Pumajaw track,’ (Nemone, BBC 6Music).
‘Sounds ace! Really strong – love all the tracks’ (Vic Galloway, BBC Radio Scotland)
‘I like Only Human remixes. I love the groove/beats. Mick Willis did cool Ubre Blanca remix, I like it too. But Numbers Are Futile is damn good tune – it is not track I would play in my club sets but this is damn good psychedelic tune. Very very good’ (Bert – Last Robots/Czworka Polskie Radio, Warsaw/Poland)’

‘A really mature selection of forward-thinking electronica, 7/10’ (Mixmag)


A1, Plum is Edinburgh solo artist Shona Maguire (now relocated to Brighton), who I first met through the mighty Benbecula label in the early Noughties.  Having trained at London’s Point Blank Music College, Shona has spent the last 10 years honing her sound and live performance, chalking up Best Electronic act at last year’s Scottish Alternative Music Awards, with her last album The Seed also in many bloggers’ Albums Of The Year lists (2012).  She always goes down very well at Limbo, so it was a no-brainer to invite her contribution to this project.  Our resulting Leonidas & Hobbes remix of Only Human (the original version of which came out on last Autumn’s ace Betsy Thunder EP) strips back the more claustrophobic feel of her original, highlighting the skanking Augustus Pablo vibe of the melodica alongside a more dystopian synth, while giving her fragile vox room to shine in an electro-dub/techno hybrid.  The energy builds via moody bass, 808 snare-fills and claps, the breakdown punctuated by a steadily tweaking acid line, with a dramatic pair of interlocking arpeggios, à la Laurent Garnier et al, rounding it off.  An instrumental version is included on the digital package for the heads.

A2, Another act who have consistently impressed at Limbo, Pumajaw are a duo, currently based in Perth after many years in London.  John Wills is also a member of lauded 80s/90s psychedelic/drone experimentalists Loop (who recently curated/headlined the ATP Festival), while Pinkie Maclure has her own rich heritage of work with indie labels from the late Eighties and early Nineties.  As well as high profile live shows and tours across Europe, they’ve floored Edinburgh Fringe Festival crowds and critics this year and last with their immense Song Noir show. Previously remixed by Various Productions, Crooked Man and (John Peel-favourite) Christ., again they seemed an obvious choice for this project and everyone was suitably wowed when German newcomer Dimitri Veimar delivered the ten-minute work-out of the tremendous Mask (from 2011’s excellent Demonmeowmeow album), which he calls his ‘Turtle‘ mix.  A lumbering behemoth of a slo mo house/techno tune, it certainly goes down a treat.  After a mutual friend put me in touch with Dimitri a year ago, the German emailed to say how impressed he was with the HM output and would love to put something out via the label.  A true pro, he’d delivered his final mix within a few weeks but the nature of release schedules and working with various artists meant I had to sit on it for a whole year.  In the mean time, Dimitri’s shifted gears and is currently devastating clubs across Europe with his sound.  Daniel Avery, Matt Walsh, Ewan Pearson and Silicone Soul are all big fans, too…

B1, Ubre Blanca are another duo, who boast previous in widely acclaimed Glaswegian acts Shitdisco, Divorce and Remember Remember.  Live drums and vintage analogue synths: it’s a simple proposition.  Some might say, well-executed, it’s hard to beat, especially when referencing glorious late Seventies / early Eighties touchstones John Carpenter, Claudio Simonetti/Goblin, Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk.  A total sucker for Messrs Carpenter, Moroder, Hütter and co myself, it seemed churlish not to ask the guys if they’d like to contribute some material and, the title track from their debut EP (released late 2013 via the ace Clan Destine label), Polygon Mountain was already a bit of a behemoth.  Mick Wills is from Stuttgart, excited chatter of whose immense DJ skills originally reached me via Glasgow’s Slabs Of The Tabernacle crew a few years back. His dance floor destroying remix for John Heckle (released via Tabernacle Records late last year) really sealed the deal, though, and he’s not let us down. Wills and studio partner Isabella Venis have honed the eleven-and-a-half-minute original into a more tightly-hewn but no-less-relentless synth wave beast.  Guaranteed to get people moving.

B2, Numbers Are Futile are another new duo who combine synths with live drums, plus main man Filipe Bernardo‘s vocals.  Originally from Portugal, he’s joined by Greek drummer Panos Baras.  The pair have been based in Edinburgh for a few years now but have been taking the local live circuit by storm since releasing their debut EP last year, tearing the roof off every gig they’ve played, not least Limbo back in January and the Hidden Door festival in April. Glaswegian techno/electro specialist Marco Bernardi needs little introduction, with a discography spanning the last decade, including releases for Planet E, Clone, Crème Organisation and Future Boogie, among others.  I’ve known Marco for years (we last worked together at one of my Trouble nights at Cabaret Voltaire around ’07-08).  He’s always maintained a defiantly underground stance and, needless to say, he stripped the band’s original right back, tunneling deeper down for his remix, which is primed to set pulses racing across Europe and likely to be the highlight of the whole package for some.

Numbers Are Futile’s original version is also included, so you can get a sense of exactly how far it’s been transported by Marco and marvel at the band’s own glorious ability to combine Balkan/Middle Eastern styles with more European synths, drums and vox, creating something fresh and unique.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t room for this version to be included on the vinyl EP so this track is a download-only release at this stage…

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