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DJ Feedback/Reviews
‘I have those last 12s you sent.  Really dug them’ (Erol Alkan)
‘Three uber groovy cuts from the nu class of club cadets…’ (Mark Barton/Losing Today)
‘Really nice EP, that’s funky! I love the Mo’ Moody track, really great, I’ll play it for sure!’ (Fabrice Lig, Planet E/R&S/Playhouse – Beligum/Worldwide)

‘Great release! Mo’Moody is my jam!’ (Moullinex, Lisbon/Portugal/Europe)
‘Wicked release, Turn U Round so good’ (Tiago, Lisbon/Portugal/Europe)
‘I like Sputnik a lot!!!’ (Gunrose, Lisbon/Portugal)
‘I love the release! Thanks for more great stuff’ (Kosmos, Nitsa/Nasty/Boombox/Tracy Recordings – Barcelona/Spain)
‘Another great EP from the dynamic duo… all the grit and dirt one could ask for.. Mo Moody is my fave – thanks for sending!!’ (Thomas Pudell, Black Alley – Berlin)
‘Very eclectic electronic music, deep and funky with smatterings of ol’ skool happenings, There are even some Lil’ Louis moments. Sputnik is one of my favourite things on the label’ (Yogi Haughton, Scottish Soulful Weekender)
‘Turn U Round is my shit!!!!’ (Kay Suzuki, LDN/Tokyo – Round in Motion)
‘Great sounding productions all the way once again. Turn U Round is one track I could see someone like Theo P drop at Plastic People – that kinda vibe. The trippy and haunting Sputnik could cause some mayhem on the floor in the later hours’ (Cedric WooBeauty & The Beat, UK/Japan)
‘Deeply into Sputnik. Great EP guys!’ (Dimitri Veimar, Germany)
‘Thank you boys. Sputnik is the one for me!’ (David Varchola, Embryo/We Are Unity, Slovakia/Europe)
‘New EP sounding ace!’ (Debukas20:20 Vision, Scotland/Europe)
‘Sputnik is a standout for me, love the 303 bassline. Really big stuff! Love the look of the record as well. All round winner’ (iO Sounds, LDN/Europe)
‘Great – all strong but particularly love the lead track. Top work!’ (Bobby CleaverNumbers, Glasgow)
‘SPUTNIK – DOPE!!! All three trax are great… *)’ (Murf, Mongtrax – LDN/Worldwide)
‘Yeah, it’s good. Will try to play it’ (Larry Tee, NYC/LDN)
‘Sputnik is alright, thx.’ (Dmitry Malyshev / NEO Violence, Prague)
‘I liked it. Mo’ Moody is the one for me’ (Ben Martin, High Sheen/Elastic Artists, Glasgow/LDN)
‘Yes really feeling Turn U Around on this release.. very funky and acidic and will be featuring on the show next week for sure. Music is getting better and better from these two..a fruitful partnership!’ (Alex PewinVoices, LDN)
‘Mo’ Moody – love that synth line and those deep stabs are cracking. Wicked groove. Love the retro vibe on Sputnik, great acid line, can imagine it’ll do a nice job in the very early hours’ (Geoff TicehurstLeeds Uni/The Plug, Sheffield)
‘Sweet! That Sputnik track is killer… The break in the middle is very John Barry. Makes me think of Moonraker’ (TeamySouth Palace Hotel, London // Wrong Island, Glasgow)
‘Really good stuff here!!’ (Jacksonville20/20 Vision, Scotland)
‘Nice!’ (AstroboyKelburn Garden Party, Scotland)
‘My favorite is now Sputnik. It’s percussive and dynamic in its evolution. Deep psychedelic twist too. Can’t wait to listen to it on a full audio set up!’ (Belle Bete, Beauty & The Beat, LDN/UK)
‘I am into it – I particularly like Mo Moody…the balance between urgency and abstraction seems just right…I would definitely play that!’ (Jeremy Gilbert, Beauty & The Beat, London)


Working together on-and-off at their respective bases in London and Edinburgh, Leonidas & Hobbes have honed a mutual love of soul, acid, house, techno, psychedelic and dub sounds for Mo’ Machines. Their collaborative debut EP, Machines, Tapes & Electronic Setups (HM002), won fans across the board last year.

Leonidas has had two collaborative releases out previously through Kay Suzuki’s Round In Motion label (Tokyo/London) and a solo track released as part of the Rhythm Kings Volume 1 compilation via DJ Ionik’s Traveller Records label (Finland), all of which have equally found fans and acclaim internationally.

A1) Turn U Round employs another vintage gospel sample (as per Driftin’ on HM002) alongside a bank of equally vintage synths (ARP Odyssey, Roland Juno 106, Roland SH-101, Sequential Circuits Pro One).  However, on this occasion there’s a deeper aesthetic (reminiscent of Penthouse Dub from HM002) and a more sample-based approach, recalling that of the AKAI MPC-loving electronic producers of the last two decades, using a bank of drum sounds from the Roland TR-808.  The result is a contemporary take on the Chicago house sound of the Nineties (especially the productions of a certain Curtis Jones, aka Cajmere).

A2) In the spirit of many releases on classic Nineties US labels, Mo’ Moody uses the same rhythm track as Turn U Round for its jump-off point, but creates an entirely new track with a heavier kick and clap (Roland TR-909).  It’s got all the funk of Turn U Round but a more traditional, classic house groove for those who like their house music faster and more instrumental.

B) Clocking in at seven-and-a-half minutes, Sputnik is the veritable beast of this EP (in more ways than one): it started life as a one-hour-long synth jam, featuring the Pro One and SH-101 programmed to play a sequence in tandem, to evoke the triple oscillator effect available on a Moog, while Leonidas & Hobbes got busy at the controls.  The resulting audio was then given some tape delay treatment via a Roland RE-501.  As much of a testament to Leonidas’s engineering skills as the duo’s collective thirst for pushing their respective boundaries in the studio, suffice to say, the result is nothing short of psychedelic.

All rights reserved.
Logo and design: Jaco Justice
Mastering: Keith Tenniswood at Curved
Worldwide distribution: Rubadub
Made in the E.U.
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