Machines, Tapes & Electronic Setups EPThis second label release is an introduction to productions lovingly slaved over by myself and my studio partner/old friend, Leonidas.  We started working together about four years ago and this debut collaborative EP demonstrates our mutual love of classic disco, techno, electro, acid, house and UK bass/dub, to create an EP with one foot in the past, one foot in the future and both eyes aimed squarely at the dance floor.

Much like previous release (Midnight Thunder) Machines, Tapes & Electronic Setups has been getting some excellent feedback thus far, including a great Mixmag review.  Check out the audio clips below or listen to the whole EP in full on Bandcamp.  Scroll down for selected feedback/quotes and a bit more info about the music.

Selected Feedback
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – An excellent an varied EP, Big support. 5/5’ (Ashley Beedle, UK – Various, Worldwide)
‘All the EP has a lot of originality, driftin and program my favourites. 5/5’ (Bot/Crookers, Italy – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Great to see Hobbes Music taking off.  Great EP. 5/5’ (Auntie Flo, UK – Various, Worldwide)

‘Fantastic EP. Particuarly feeling Jackin Pschidt & Driftin…’ (Leftside Wobble, UK – Various, Europe)

‘Thanks man, this is really good. great diversity in there. So much so I am going in again right now. Jackin Pschidt is so good’ (Ben Martin, High Sheen, UK – Various)
‘Thanks for this! Really into Penthouse Dub’ (Dam Mantle, UK – Various, Europe)
‘That’s a solid body of work, more like a mini LP than a EP. I love the warmth of your sound! Program has a very futuristic feeling and could almost convince me to start playing video games. Penthouse Dub is an organic journey into some deep dubbed out outer space, while Driftin has a more ‘classic’ feel to it, with nods to the gospel house sound circa 89, before coming to its own with some killer hypnotic analog goodness. Spellbinding’ (Cedric Lassonde, Beaty & The Beat, London, UK)
‘It is rare these days to get an ep full of tracks, clearly rooted in traditions – sound and aestetic wise – but fresh and forward thinking at the same time… i’m happy to have it in my box!’ (Thomas Pudell, Black Alley, Berlin)
‘I really like Jackin Pschidt: Proper raw, classic acid house feel to it. Synth and percussion both spot on. Pavement K is also a real nice groovy head nodder but with an eerie undertone. Like the half time break-down and then how it shuffles back into double time. Kinda Jimmy Edgar meets Tri-Angle Records. Program is also a pretty sick cut. The drop is dope!’ (Sketchy, Man Make Music/Mixcloud, London, UK)
‘Fantastic stuff I must say! Thank you for sending them on to me’ (Frankie Valentine, UK)
‘Driftin’ really is like nothing else and sets out the stall for this inventive EP… Jackin’ Pschidt is as perfect a piece of acid house as you could find and could have come from the Trax label back in the day. 7/10′ (Mixmag. Full review here)
‘Favourite: Drifin – Very nice production, will try.  5/5’ (Wankelmut, Germany – Various, Europe)‘Favourite: Driftin – I totally love that!!! 5/5’ (StereoHeroes, France – Various, Europe)

‘Favourite: Driftin. 5/5’ (Yuri/Database/Kitsune, Brazil – Various, Brazil)

‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub – Really strong EP full support. 5/5’ (Nick Warren, UK – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Driftin – uff!!!!!!!!!! 5/5’ (Mousse T, Germany – Various, Worldwide)
‘Love love love all of these. Get the feeling Larry Levan would be a fan of these….. 5/5’ (DPPLGNGRS/Tobias Doppelganger, UK – Various, London)
‘Favourite: Program – This is a great promo. Every track. Classic style. 5/5’ (DJ Wool, Berlin/NYC)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Praise the lord and pass the poppers…… 4/5’ (Fatboy Slim, UK – Various, Wolrdwide)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – 4/5 (Andrew Grant, Circo Loco, Spain – Various, Worldwide)
‘Jackin Pschidt sounds killer!! definitely something I’ll be banging out.  Nice one. 4/5’ (Jimpster, UK – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Niiice. 4/5’ (Larry Tee, UK – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Liking all these tracks. 4/5’ (Steve Mac, UK – Various – Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Nice hybrid of styles and sounds should raise more than an eyebrow on the dancefloor. BIG UPS. 4/5’ (Pablo Contraband , UK – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub – Love the early 90’s Sasha vibe to this. 4/5’ (Shadow Child, UK – Various, Europe)
‘Penthouse is exceptional! 4/5’ (Moonbootica/Black Van, Germany – Various, Germany)
‘Favourite: Driftin. 4/5’ (Moullinex, Gomma, Germany – Various, Europe)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Support! 4/5’ (Moguai, Germany – Various – Europe)
‘Driftin is great..playing for sure. 4/5’ (J Paul Getto, US – Various, US)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Great. 4/5’ (Tocadisco, Germany – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub – Feeling this stuff for sure. An interesting vibe, very raw and kinda positive. Will support thanks.  4/5 (Jody Wisternoff/Way Out West, UK – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Driftin – quirky and cool.  4/5’ (Dave Seaman, UK – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Pavement K. 4/5’ (Piergiorgio Parigi/Reset!, Italy – Various, Europe)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Some cool tracks here. 4/5 (Panda, Italy)
‘Favourite: Program. 4/5’ (Micah Vellian/Volta Bureau, US – Various)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – Interesting! 3/5’ (Sasha, UK – Various, Wolrdwide)
‘Penthouse is great! 3/5’ (Death On The Balcony, UK – Various, Europe)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – I like the acid. 3/5’ (Justin Sloe / Droog, US – Various, US)
‘Love Driftin a lot. 3/5’ (Ollie/The Other Tribe, UK – Various, UK)
‘Favourite: Program.  3/5’ (Decky Headrock/Japanese Popstars, Ireland – Various)
‘Favourite: unknown – 3/5’ (Toyboy & Robin, UK – Various)
‘Really into all of these.. : ) 3/5’ (David Gardner/Cosmonauts, UK – Various, UK)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – Good tool! 3/5’ (Alan Braxe, France – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Pretty accomplished release, first two defo playable for me. 3/5’ (Chris Duckenfield, UK – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub – ‘Love ACID. 3/5’ (WAFA/Basement Jaxx & Pnau, UK – Various, UK)
‘Favourite: Driftin. 3/5’ (Omid 16B, UK – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Program – Interesting stuff… 3/5’ (Ed Butler/Cinematic, UK – Various, UK)
‘Favourite: Pavement K. 3/5’ (Lucio/Database/Kitsune, Brazil – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – Thank you for good music! 3/5’ (M.A.N.D.Y., Germany – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Downloading. 3/5’ (John Digweed, UK – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Pavement K – Tripped out. 3/5’ (Mr G, UK – Various, Worldwide)
‘Favourite: Driftin’ – interesting, 3/5′ (Chris Fortier, US – Various, US)
‘Favourite: Program’ (Russ Chimes, UK – Various, Europe)


A1) Driftin’ employs a vintage gospel sample and a bank of equally vintage synths (ARP Odyssey, Roland Juno 106, Roland SH­101, Sequential Circuits Pro­One) for a very contemporary, hybrid mix of UK bass and house. This track received early support from Rob Da Bank on BBC Radio 1), has proved popular on Soundcloud and has been dropping extremely well when played out, so we think you’ll agree it’s rather special!

A2) Penthouse Dub is a more spacious composition. Classic disco congas and a delay­soaked guitar line recall the Balearic style of Norwegian modern disco don Todd Terje, then the vintage (Sequential Circuits Prophet T8) synth lines drop… The title is a nod to Heaven 17’s classic album, Penthouse & Pavement ­- a key reference point during this track’s production.

B1) Jackin’ Pschidt treads a more European path, referencing Belgium’s late Eighties Nu Beat scene via its drum programming and acid line, with a heavily arpeggiated synth for its euphoric main riff and classic Nineties techno claps driving the beat home. A vocal refrain, compelling you to ‘break it down: get into the groove’, is as simple a call to action as any you’ll find in dance music. But, again, it’s the track’s bassline which will really get people moving their bodies: no fuss, few effects, just simple dancefloor dynamics. This mix has also proved popular on Soundcloud and been dropping well when played out. The title is a nod to a certain Chicago legend…

B2) Referencing after-­hours parties in dingey warehouse spaces, Pavement K flips the script completely, slowing things down and spacing them out ­ all heavy reverb, plodding kicks and atmospheric toms that ring out like some tribal gong in an old Kurosawa film. The bass stabs are as fierce as anything DMZ have put their name to, while the acid line and skittering hats are closer to early Plastikman. The brief vocal snatches are hardly any less abstract, before more waves of bass wash moodily over you and that familiar voice returns to let you know about ‘a lot of machines, tapes and electronic setups….’ Watch yer bass bins!

Digital Bonus Track: Upping the tempo again to end on a lighter note, Program is an electro tribute to one of our favourite Eighties films, Tron.  N.B. Program is not included on the vinyl release and available as a free download exclusively to people who buy the full EP (vinyl or digital – nb purchasing the vinyl includes free download of all digital files) from Bandcamp.

More Feedback
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub. 5/5 – Absolutely incredible!! Loving this’ (Def Starr, Australia)
‘Favourite: Driftin’ – Timeless cool. 5/5′ (Barnabas Hodgson, Australia – FBI Radio)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Quality, 5/5’ (JimmyZ Old WILD, Australia)
‘Favourite: Program – nice ep, but not for my club sets, 5/5’ (Fex Fellini, Germany)
‘Favourite: Driftin’ – really interesting EP.. Driftin’ got me. 5/5′ (Marco Gallerani/Balearic Gabba Soundsystem/Hell Yeah Rec, Italy)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub – Penthouse is really dope. 5/5’ (LaTourette, France)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – strong and eclectic release. loving the sci-fi cuts and can see both humans and robots dancing to these equally. 5/5″ (batwings, RAW Artists, Boston, US)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – Nice.  5/5’ (Nerdy Frames Sound System, Auckland, NZ)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – acid acid. 5/5’ (Embryo, Slovakia)
‘Favourite: Program – Cool ep! 5/5’ (Minikin, Bass Me Records, Ukraine)
‘Favourite: Program – Leftfield gem. Best left of centre record I’ve heard in ages, reminds me of a combo between Aphex Twin, Orbital and The Orb. 5/5’ (Edward Adoo, London, UK)
‘Favourite: Program. 5/5’ (Disastronaut, London, UK)
‘Favourite: Driftin – This is very different this is very well done this is cool as fuck. 5/5’ (Tears In Rome, Carlisle, UK)
‘Favourite: Driftin’ – supporting. 5/5′ (Hybrid Theory, UK)
‘Favourite: Driftin’ – Cant wait to play this next week on the breakfast show! 5/5′ (Malcolm Taylor, Kane FM, UK)
‘Favourite: Driftin – fantastic, 5/5 (Brandon Block, US – Various, US)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – great to see more Scottish talent, esp from Edinburgh! 5/5’ (Stu Todd, Edinburgh/Scotland)
‘Favourite: Driftin – AWESOME!! 5/5’ (thatboykana, London, UK)
‘Driftin & Penthouse! 4/5’ (Sheridan/Studio Brussels, Belgium – Various)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – Acid! 4/5’ (Taal Mala, Canada – Various)
‘Favourite: Program – I love Leonidas & Hobbes! 4/5’ (Ruggero Isacchi, Italy – Various)
‘Favourite: Driftin’ – Some cool tracks here. 4/5 (Panda, Italy – Various, Europe)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub – Very interesting work! I love it how They are mixing the old skool with the new. Full support, i’m looking forward for other releases! 4/5’ (MODO, Belgium)
‘Favourite: Driftin – 4/5’ (Snalka, Dollop, UK)
‘Favourite: Pavement K – dark & strange… like it. 4/5’ (Steven Wheeler, UK)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub – 4/5’ (Hellert, Denmark)
‘Nice EP guys! Driftin’ is my fave! 4/5′ (Scuola Furano, Italy – Various, Europe)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – Really digging this, cool retro/ disco feel. 4/5’ (PMcQ, Glasgow, UK)
‘Favourite: Driftin’ – Amazing vocal on Driftin. Brilliant track. Can’t wait to play it! 4/5′ (Scott Lewis, UK)
‘Favourite: Driftin’ – A nice pack of good music. 4/5′ (Kosmos, Spain)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub – Penthouse is cool. 4/5’ (DJ MANNIX, Italy)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – This is a very strong record, the only track i’m not keen on is Driftin’. But the others are great, I love the acid influence that dominates this EP, Program is a great mid-way set track which i’m gonna rinse when playing out. Really feeling it, big ups! 4/5′ (Conor Wheeler, London, UK)
‘Favourite: Driftin – 4/5’ (Blondtron, Berlin)
‘Favourite: Driftin’, 4/5′ (DJ Numike, Party Harder, Australia)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub – Also love Program – Lovely stuff indeed, 4/5’ (Steve Lee, The Project Club/Balearica, UK)
‘Favourite: Program – Great package, Diggin Program 😀 4/5’ (Gemma Furbank, Vestax Europe Pro Artist, Manchester, UK)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt. 4/5’ (Jake Waters)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – holler, 4/5’ (Jonathan Davies, Shazam)
‘Favourite: Pavement K – 4/5’ (Amtrac, US – Various US)
‘Favourite: Driftin, 4/5’ (Lara Marshall)
‘Favourite: Driftin – great gospal hybrid feel, 4/5’ (DJ Mooqee, UK)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt  – I’ll play it, thanks for the promo, 4/5’ (Maxime Dangles, France – Various)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – An above average set of tracks, will be playing Jackin at some point, 4/5’ (Invisible A)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub, 4/5’ (Massi Rocket, Italy)
‘Favourite: Driftin – Interesting sonic palette. enjoying the diversity, 4/5’ (Jason Kendig, US)
‘Favourite: Pavement K – good work. 3/5’ (Alex Ormas / MAGNVM!, Milan, Italy)
‘Favourite: Program – Like the old skool vibe on Program. 3/5’ (Geoff Ticehurst, Sheffield/Leeds, UK)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – acid sound in 2013 yeahhh! 3/5’ (Lollypop, Spain)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub  – good track – great percussion, 3/5’ (Greg Fenton, Magazine Sixty/DMC Magazine)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – support, 3/5’ (Paolo Zampetti, Italy)
‘Favourite: Driftin’ – Driftin’ for me, 3/5′ (Benoit Carretier, Tsugi, France)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub – I like how bold this all is. And eclectic, importantly. Will download the whole lot and see which ones stand the test of time. Penthouse sounds like a good night time record. 3/5’ (TYTHE/Bestival, UK)
‘Favourite: Driftin’, 3/5′ (Byrno, Ireland)
‘Favourite: Driftin’ – Cool EP. 3/5′ (Zee & Eli / ZiiZii Records, UK)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – Something a bit different, like it! 3/5’ (Rich/Waifs & Strays – Various, UK)
‘Favourite: Program – apart from Pavement K i liked all the tracks not outstanding but good set fillers, 3/5’ (Gino Silano, London, UK)
‘Favourite: Program – love some of these..good luck fellas, 3/5’ (Demi, London, UK)
‘Favourite: Driftin – nice varied selection of tracks, 3/5’ (Mole & Aya, UK)
‘Favourite: Program – 3/5’ (Tom Rocco/Dirty Youth/Hyper Hyper, UK)
‘Liking Driftin’ will support! Not sure on other tracks although i like them I’m not sure would play out thnx good luck with release ;-). 3/5′ (Off The Cuff)
‘Favourite: Driftin – 3/5’ (Woody2shoes, UK)
‘Favourite: Jackin Pschidt – Jack is in da House! Like it! 3/5’ (S-File, Bremen – Various, Germany)
‘Favourite: Penthouse Dub – Cool, 3/5’ (Friendly Greg, Whack-a-Tone, US)
‘Favourite: Program – 3/5’ (Major Gager, UK)
‘Favourite: Unknown – 3/5’ (Maks Galasiewicz / Hype Wax Design member, Poland)
‘Favourite: Program – 3/5’ (DJ Doug Marshall)
‘Favourite: Driftin – 3/5’ (Stuart Olejay, UK)

Leonidas & Hobbes, Machines, Tapes & Electronic Setups is released by Hobbes Music on Monday 3rd June 2013 and available as a limited edition 12” vinyl and via all digital download platforms, with worldwide distribution by Rubadub.

[Previously released by Leonidas: The Sequential EP, his debut, has been winning fans in underground clubs across the globe since its summer ‘12 release via Japanese-­owned label Round In Motion.]

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