Here is an as-yet-unreleased remix by JD Twitch (of Glasgow’s world-renown Optimo club night) of HRH, a live act currently making waves in Edinburgh.

HRH’s sound sits somewhere between the post-punk of PiL (front-woman Heather Craig’s tortured vocal style and impassioned live performances coming on quite literally like a twenty-first century, female John Lydon) and early Suicide, with all the new wave/synth/electronic, industrial and rockabilly aesthetics fed through a contemporary studio blender and some glam-rock thrown in for good measure.

Taken from the band’s debut album, The First (produced by Tim London), stand-out track Pinky Ring, ostensibly about an innocent item of jewellery, conjures up dark, suggestive imagery more reminiscent of a David Cronenberg film / J.G. Ballard novel, and samples Dusseldorf EBM heroes DAF.

Twitch homes in on the track’s industrial roots, adding a twenty-first century drone that will send heavy waves of bass rolling across the dance floor and promises to provide a bit of an early evening warm-up / late-night sizzle style of weapon for the club.  It should be coming out later in 2012 as part of a Trouble 10th Anniversary compilation album.

Check out the band performing the song live at Limbo right here.


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